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Automatizing Traditionally Manual Real Estate Business Process Using Advanced Technology

Project Brief

The client runs a real estate consultancy firm. A well-planned and traditionally manual work process has helped him tremendously to set up a fine real estate consultancy firm. With rigour and planning, he has established the company as one of the most promising real estate firms today.

  • Technology:
  • PHP, Laravel Framework (6.0)
  • HTML, CSS, JSON responses API
  • Database : MySQL
  • Development Tools : Visual code, Sublime, workbench for mysql, terminal for Laravel
  • Version Control Tool: Git
  • Application Control: Apache
  • PHP Version: 7

Faced Challenges

The client, who runs a successful real estate consultancy firm, found himself facing the wall. The growing business volume strained the manual processes which severely affected their business goals. With no hopes of scaling up their business on the horizon, a much more sophisticated solution became the need of the hour. This is where e.Soft Technologies stepped in.


In order to solve the business complexities, digital transformation of the business was demanded. We translate their traditionally manual business method into a modern paperless process.

To start with, we digitized the service agreement forms such as:

  • Buyer Service From
  • Buyer Service agreement form
  • Tenant Service Form
  • Seller Service Form
  • Landlord Service Form

RC Module for Seamless Data Management

The business involved tedious manual operation of updating more than 300 data fields with images and essential documents. Naturally, managing such copious data was one hell of a task. We digitized this RC module and seamlessly simplified the traditional method of data spreadsheet management. The user can now simply log in and enter the data in the online form for the respective project. The admin of this module is assigned the authority to track the data and approve/disapprove payments.

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Backend Development
  • Front end Development
  • QA & Testing


The digitalization of the process has tremendously simplified their working process. The paperless RC module operation reduced the manual operation significantly. This resulted in exponential improvement in their overall efficiency. They are now planning to scale this business up by generating online traffic with our SEO services and make their portal into a highly potent property advertising platform.