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About Erp

Your dependable resource for all things related to the Erp business management system. We offer the best business-oriented Erp services with top-notch customization, implementation, licensing, and maintenance thanks to our more than 20 years of experience serving prominent international firms across a variety of verticals.

We at e.Soft Technologies are experts at providing cutting-edge Erp platforms to close the gap between your operations and management so you can fully control your business. We are a dependable business partner due to our subject matter expertise, years of varied experience, availability around-the-clock, and capacity to analyses your needs and build solutions to fulfill them.

Describe Erp

Customer relationship management (CRM), eCommerce, accounting, billing, inventory management, project management, warehouse management, financial management, manufacturing, purchasing, and more are all included in Erp's comprehensive suite of business modules. Businesses may automate procedures, increase productivity overall, and streamline operations with Erp.

Our Unique Characteristics

  • Analyzing your requirements & developing solutions to meet them
  • A dedicated support team that is on call around-the-clock
  • Thorough analysis of your requirements to develop customized solutions
  • The ideal possibilities for your company
  • Increasing your ability to work more efficiently;
  • Thorough analysis of your needs to provide solutions that are customized
  • Superior personalization, application, licensing, and maintenance; Benefits and Features of Erp ERP

Features & Advantages of ERP

Implementation and Customization

At e.Soft Technologies, we specialize in providing tailored ERP platforms to connect your management and operations. We offer a variety of services, such as:

Customization: Our skilled team can modify ERP to match your particular business needs. We can assist you with integrating third-party applications, creating customized modules, and more.

Implementation: Our implementation services guarantee a flawless start and operation of your ERP platform. We can assist you with installing and configuring ERP, transferring data from legacy systems, and instructing your team on how to efficiently use the platform.

Support: For continuous assistance with your ERP platform and to respond to any questions you might have, contact our support staff at any time.

The features and advantages of ERP can help businesses optimize their operations. Some examples of these are:


To synchronize financial data and offer real-time updates on cash flows, account balances, and other information, ERP establishes a connection with your bank account.

Inventory & MRP

With real-time updates on materials and goods, ERP's inventory management system enables firms to keep track of inventory levels, manage warehouses, and optimize the production process.

Sales & Management

To improve their sales operations, firms can use ERP CRM to handle leads, opportunities, and customer interactions. The project management module for Odoo assists organizations in effectively tracking and managing projects.

Human Resources

The HRM module of ERP automates and streamlines HR procedures like payroll processing, staff administration, hiring, and performance evaluation.


ERP'S fully integrated software supports companies around-the-clock, whether they are SMEs, Fortune 500 companies, or nonprofit organizations. The greatest Learning Management System for staff education and training is provided by Odoo's eLearning module.


ERP eLearning is the best Learning Management System that

Leading Industries

Businesses in a range of industries can use ERP's ERP software, including:

ERP enables centralized real-time management of the manufacturing operations. With its cost-effectiveness and customized features, it turns into the ideal business management tool for your manufacturing company.

With real-time inventory tracking, supply chain management, and other features, ERP improves the distribution processes and assists businesses in maximizing their operations.

ERP's point of sale (POS) module gives retailers the ability to handle sales, inventory, and customer interactions in a single location, making it a great choice for companies in the retail sector.

Pharmaceutical organizations may automate procedures, manage regulatory compliance, maintain inventory, and enhance production with ERP's ERP software.

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