LogiKlu is one of the few Sales Pipeline Automation solutions

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About Logiklu

Your dependable source for creative answers to your business's needs. We propose LogiKlu because it is a potent sales pipeline automation product that integrates CRM and lead generation in one integrated, simplified workflow. This is because we are aware that sales automation is essential to meeting your sales targets.

Describe LogiKlu

A sales pipeline automation technology called LogiKlu was created especially for sales organizations to suit their practical requirements. The sales funnel filling process is automated, and organizational bottlenecks are reduced. LogiKlu assists you in qualifying warm prospects and effortlessly integrates them with the two most prominent CRM systems, Salesforce and Zoho, by identifying businesses visiting your website and evaluating them based on their interest in your products or services.

SMEs with LogiKlu

Traditional CRM systems may be too expensive and resource-intensive for small and medium-sized businesses (SMEs) given their organisational capabilities and financial constraints. SMEs now have a different, efficient, and cost-effective option thanks to LogiKlu. The LogiKlu Sales Pipeline Management software can be used in place of a conventional CRM to handle both online and offline business opportunities throughout the sales cycle.

Your sales staff can maximize its potential with the help of the many capabilities offered by LogiKlu. These qualities include, among others:

Customer Service

At e.Soft tech, we value our customers and are dedicated to giving them the finest support we can. You can contact a committed support team at LogiKlu who are accessible around-the-clock to solve your questions and assist you in getting the most out of the programme.


The effective sales pipeline automation application LogiKlu can help your company reach its goals by streamlining the sales process. LogiKlu is an affordable and effective replacement for conventional CRM systems for SMEs thanks to its user-friendly interface, customized target opportunities, and connectivity with well-known CRM systems. Select the plan that best fits your company's requirements, and start utilizing LogiKlu now to sell to your maximum potential.