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The ship crew management software

The management of the crew effectively is an important part of shipping operations. The effectiveness of crew management, which assures crew members' safety, adherence to crew management rules, and efficient operation of ships, is essential to the success of shipping businesses. The Ship Crew Management Software from e.Soft Tech is a useful tool for overseeing crew operations and making sure that regulations are being followed.

Effective Crew Management is Important for Shipping Companies

For a number of reasons, shipping businesses must maintain efficient crew management. First and foremost, it is crucial to protect the health of crew members who spend months at sea apart from their loved ones. Second, good crew management assures adherence to crew management rules, which, if broken, can be harmful to the business' operations and reputation. Last but not least, efficient crew operations guarantee the efficient running of ships, which is essential for the prompt delivery of products.

How Ship Crew Management Software Aids in Effective Crew Operations Management

The ship crew management software from e.Soft Tech aids in the effective administration of crew activities in a number of ways. First off, the payroll module built into the software makes it simple to figure up crew wages, overtime pay, leave pay, cash to master, and other costs. Second, the software is capable of computing Filipino wages in accordance with POEA. Thirdly, the software is adaptable and has the ability to manage all tasks that are specific to either Western or Eastern ship management approaches. Fourthly, the software is a useful tool for scheduling crew rest periods. Finally, the programme offers management capabilities for the processes of crewing, payroll, crew scheduling, compliance checks, vessel maintenance, and stores management.

Ship Crew Management Software Advantages

Improved Crew Performance and Job Satisfaction as a Result of Effective Crew Management

Crew performance and job satisfaction improve as a result of effective crew management.

Improved Payroll Management Due to Simple Calculation of Crew Wages, Overtime, Leave Pay, and Other Expenses

Payroll administration is improved by the simplicity of crew wages, overtime, leave pay, and other expenses.

Improvements in POEA and other crew management regulations compliance

Improved adherence to POEA and other crew management requirements is ensured by the programme.

Improved Crew Health and Safety Due to Effective Crew Rest Hour Management

The health and safety of the crew are improved when crew rest hours are managed effectively.

Simple Crew Information Access Promotes Better Decision Making

The software makes crew information easily accessible, which improves decision-making.

Why Select e.Soft Tech's Ship Crew Management Software?

Software Development Experience in the Shipping Industry

For the maritime sector, e.Soft Tech has experience creating software solutions.

Software That Can Be Modified to Meet Individual Crew Management Needs

The software can be tailored to meet particular crew management needs.

User-friendly Implementation and Interface

The software is simple to implement and features an intuitive user interface.

24-hour customer service and upkeep services

e.Soft Tech offers maintenance and customer support services around-the-clock.

A Case Studies

Many shipping organisations have benefited from the Ship Crew Management Software that e.Soft Tech has given by improving crew management operations. Such businesses include, for instance:

Regulatory Conformity

Regulations for crew management are essential for the crew's safety and well-being. The POEA and other crew management standards are complied with thanks to the Ship Crew Management Software from e.Soft Tech, improving regulatory compliance.


The Ship Crew Management Software from e.Soft Tech is a complete solution for all crew management needs. It makes payroll management easier by enabling quick calculations of crew wages, overtime pay, leave pay, cash to master, allocation, and other costs. The software guarantees better adherence to crew management rules and efficient crew rest hour management, which contributes to effective management overall.