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By admin November 17, 2022

Nidia Smith

Choosing e.Soft as our commercial partner has been one of the finest decisions we have made. They upgraded our business with value additions such as Customer service, Brand and Category Management services. I would recommend e.Soft mainly because of their genuine interest in exploring the possibilities of your business.

By admin November 17, 2022

Rajat Wadhwa

With a wide range of technological solutions and a highly experienced team they delivered excellent technical support to our business. They met our demands by providing undivided attention and support and made sure our business was scaled up successfully.

By admin November 17, 2022

Steve Lipman

Web Services of America, llc In 2006 I was asked by The CBS network affiliate in Boston to create a video application that was adopted for use with The Boston Marathon. It was a smashing success and could not have happened without e.Soft Technologies. Their team worked tirelessly in making this a first rate deliverable.… Continue reading Steve Lipman

By admin May 3, 2023

Syed Abbas Murtaza Shamsi

Joint Secretary Manager Shia P.G. College At the time when we were facing grave adversities, e.Soft stepped up and resolved them with their technological proficiency. They supported our manual processes with a highly responsive and easy-to-use software. We have only benefited from their services and we wish to work with them again in the future.

By admin May 3, 2023

Narendra Dev

President Cupertino Networks We have been collaborating with e.Soft for nearly 7 years now. They are nothing less than a family to us. During these years, they have greatly supported our business with extensive technical support. e.Soft is a valuable and reliable partner to us and we would recommend it to anyone who wishes to… Continue reading Narendra Dev