Project Brief

We know how difficult it is to find an open spot for playing sports in cities dense with skyscraper buildings. Well, to simplify this, OpenSpot has the entire process from browsing the venues to booking and payment streamlined through a mobile app. This enables one to locate a playground, turf or other sports venues with just a click.

Faced Challenges

A simple process of spot booking of sports venues has become a tedious task. This is mainly because of the manual efforts required behind searching the ideal spot, checking the availability and finally booking it. So, they had an interesting idea of automating the entire process using a mobile app. Following are the problems that they wanted to automate: 1. Allow local sports enthusiast to browse through sports venues 2. Enable venue owners to list their venues 3. Provide solution for over the phone and personal bookings Solution:


Based on the research of the business and its scope, we designed a layout for the app and populated it with a highly interactive user interface. We fed the database with important venue information such as location, timings and costing. With separate landing pages for owners and subscribers we facilitated a smooth business operation. We added various essential facilities for owners such as multiple venue listing, venue timing and rate defining. Further, we also provided a highly secure payment gateway to inspire safe transaction.

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Backend Development
  • Front end Development
  • QA & Testing

What features we added

Following are the features we developed:

  • Multiple venue registration by single spot owner
  • Defining rates for each slots for different venues
  • Easy venue browsing using filters such as location, costing and timing.
  • Dashboard for booking history
  • Later, we integrated push notification enabling timely reminders about the booked venues