Project Brief

A US based mid-sized online merchant dealing with home and office equipments. Serving a modest customer base with high quality products and services they have built the business around the ideals of excellent customer service.

Faced Challenges

The mid-size company was preparing for broadening their serving capacity. So, they planned on cutting down the cost and speed up the process by purchasing an off-the-shelf warehouse automation system. Instead of resolving their complexities, it added on more to their burden with nearly 50% of incorrect shipments which put their reputation at stake. This is where e.Soft came into the picture. Within the tight deadline of 22 days we promised to find and implement a scalable solution to this business problem.


Key Benefits:

Following are the features we developed:

  • 1. AnalyseWith intense research and analysis we deduced that the mismatch between the shipping information messaging queue speed and the time that the package spent on the weighing scale was the main cause of this whole issue.
  • 2. Develop We compensated for this mismatch by introducing a delay mechanism to ensure proper synchronization between Shipping Data MQ and the time spent on the weighing scale.
  • Testing Implementing cyclical tests and final quality checks we ensured we deliver the final product to the client within 18 days

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Backend Development
  • Front end Development
  • QA & Testing

Following are the features that helped automate the thoroughly manual operation of warehouse management:

  • Label printing process for on and off-conveyer-belt products was developed to save shipping time
  • Provided ‘multi-carrier shipping’ feature to identify the cheapest logistic alternative for a delivery.
  • Guaranteed complete FBA compliance by integrating ‘FBA shipping process’
  • Simplified the dimensioning, scanning and weighing of the packages by integrating ‘Cubiscan’ with the system

Our staggering custom-made solution helped automate the warehouse process completely. Following are the final results that our services helped them achieve:

  • 100% accurate labelling of the products
  • Reduced the manual labour and its cost significantly. Now, the warehouse is able to + orders with only 8 people.
  • Astonishing yearly savings of $2MN +