Project Brief

The outbreak of Covid19 has really disturbed the nature in which business transactions are being conducted. And considering that we do not know how things will pan out in the near future, we urgently need an alternative to resume the business processes. One such alternative that we have developed is vToken mobile app. This app allows a systematic management of business transactions between customers and vendors. The main idea behind this app is systemization of retail business by means of time allocation.

Faced Challenges

The outbreak of coronavirus has fractured businesses severely. With no signs on the horizon of resuming back to the normal functioning, we desperately need a medium that can help businesses to start their operation within the confines of the lockdown restrictions. This led us to the idea of vToken mobile app.


vToken mobile app serves as a medium for business operations between local vendors and customers. By systematically allotting time, customers can go to the shop at the assigned time. This helps in maintaining social distancing by avoiding unnecessary long queues and crowding. With time slot allocation being at the centre of this idea, we have developed dedicated interfaces for vendors and customers.

This module, firstly, will help customers to sign up and register to vToken. The customer can then browse through all the vendors that are curated systematically. He can browse through the vendors on the basis of his locational vicinity. And on the basis of the suitable available time he can book the time slot. This app is not limited only to grocery shops. The customer can also look up for salons and clinics for booking time slots. Once a time slot is selected by the customer, he will be assigned a system generated token.

Vendor Module

After registering to vToken, the vendor then selects the business type for profiling purposes. The vendor will be given an option to set the time booking based on his availability. Say, he is operating from 10 am to 8 pm and wishes only 15 mins interval, he can do so by using the vToken interface. Additionally he can also set a 15 min lunch break and select closing days. Based on these factors, the time slots will be made available to the customers.

The app has seamlessly systematized the operation of business transaction and a fine coordination is established between customers and vendors thereby helping people to maintain social distancing

Services Provided

  • Design Prototype
  • Backend Development
  • Front end Development
  • QA & Testing

Key Benefits:

Following are the features we developed:

  • Location based browsing : The customer can browse the vendors on the basis of his location.
  • Location based browsing :Downloading masters to a local drive for offline access.
  • Time Slot Management :The vendors have complete control over the time slot management. They can assign lunch breaks and holidays in the portal. According to this their availability will be showed to the customers.
  • Customer Time Slot Booking :The customer can, based on the availability, book a slot for shopping. Once booked, he will receive a token which notifies that the booking has been done successfully.